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Neurophysiology II - Electrophysiology in Living Brain Slices

Course: Neurophysiology II - Electrophysiology in Living Brain Slices
Instructors: U. Egert, C. Boucsein, f. Metzger, A. Aertsen
Time / Duration: the actual date will be arranged during the first meeting, 2.5 weeks full time
Start: after the end of summer semester
Preparatory meeting (Vorbesprechung): April 24, 2007, 17:30h, R 05.070, Biology III
Max: 9 students
Credits: WP

This lab course is intended for Master's students ("Hauptstudium") in the Natural Sciences with a special interest in the structure and function of the Mammalian Brain. On the basis of selected experiments, the course provides a practical introduction (2.5 weeks full time in the semester break) to modern electrophysiological techniques (intra-cellular recording, whole cell patch-clamping, extra-cellular recording with multi-electrode-arrays), immunostaining of brain slices, synaptic plasticity and advanced data analysis methods. Experiments are performed in in vitro brain slice preparations of the rat brain: neo-cortex, hippocampus.

We strongly recommend prior participation in the Compact Course on Measuring techniques in Neurobiology during the winter semester! Participants of this course will be granted prefered admission to the slice course.

For course scripts click here.

Form of assessment: Course Protocols plus Oral Presentation 

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