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Introduction to Neurobiology - Practical Course


Clemens Boucsein

In collaboration with

Ad Aertsen,  Michael Bach, Uli Egert, Karl-Friedrich Fischbach, Sven P. Heinrich, Jürgen Hennig, Robert Illing, Jürgen Kornmeier, Fabrice Moret, Vitus Oberhauser, Sabine Ohlendorf, Stefan Rotter


Lectures: R. 1048, Biology I
Practical Exercises: in the labs of the involved faculty


Lectures Thursday and Friday 15:00–17:30h
Exercises Thursday and Friday 14:00-18:00h

Preparatory Meeting

Oct 23, 2008, 14:00h - 15:00h, KHS Biology II/III


30 Students



The course is intended to give a broad overview over selected neuro-scientific research labs at the University of Freiburg and, at the same time, provide an opportunity to get practical experience in conducting neuro-scientific experiments and data analysis. The course starts with an introductory lecture after which the students visit different labs in groups of 3 to conduct experiments ranging from computer simulations over histological, molecular and electrophysiological to psychophysical and fMRI experiments. This course is especially suited for students who just past the ‘Vordiplom’ and should help to define special interests in the broad range of neuro-scientific topics represented at the University of Freiburg.



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