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Instructors:		Karl-Friedrich Fischbach
Location: Seminarraum, BCCN, Hansastr. 9a
Time: 2-days block,
Preparatory meeting: 21.10.2008, 17-18 h, R. 0.4.013, Schaenzlestrasse 1
Credits: 2st, WP,TZ (Wahlpflichtfach Neurobilogie / Genetik)

This seminar is intended for Master's students ("Hauptstudium") in the
Natural Sciences with a special interest in behavioral genetics. While
the scope of the seminar is broad in trying to cover general
principles of genetic implementation of behavior, its focus is on more
recent work on Drosophila melanogaster. In this model organism it is
now possible to modify specific neuronal cell types by genetic means
and to analyse the resulting changes in behavior. Therefore, it is in
Drosophila that a deeper understanding of the relationship between
genes and behavior arises. The general relevance of the results will
be discussed.
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