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Lecture: Introduction to Neurobiology and Biophysics III:
Measurement and Model
Lecturer: S. Rotter
Time: Wednesday 13:15-15:00h & 15:15-17:00h
Location: HS BCCN, Hansastr. 9a & Computerlab BCCN, Hansastr. 9a
Start: Oct 22, 2008
Credits: 4st., P


Introduction to the principles and methods of measurement and model building in the brain sciences. Emphasis will be on stochastic models and statistical analysis approaches in neurobiology. Concepts and methods developed in the lecture (1h) will be illustrated and further elaborated in the accompanying exercises (2h), which provide an essential and, hence, obligatory part of this course.

Participation in the complementary lecture "Introduction to Neurobiology and Biophysics IV: Systems and Signals" (Summer Semester), though not obligatory, is strongly recommended.

This lecture forms part of the lecture series "Introduction to Neurobiology and Biophysics", consisting of four different lectures: I: Membranes, Neurons and Brains; II: Systems Neurophysiology; III: Measurements and Models; IV: Systems and Signals. This entire series is offered on a yearly basis: lectures I and III during the Winter Semester, lectures II and IV during the Sommer Semester. Lectures I and II focus on biological and computational aspects of modern brain science, lectures III and IV on methodological aspects of experimentation, data analysis and model building. Lecture I is a prerequisiste for lecture II, which covers brain function at a system's level. Lectures III and IV are accompanied by exercises, elaborating the concepts and methods introduced in the lectures.

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