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Practical Lab Course : Neurobiology & Biophysics (Grosspraktikum)
Instructors: A. Aertsen, C. Boucsein, U.Egert, K-F. Fischbach, R. Illing, A. Kumar, S. Rotter
Location: Research Lab
Time: by arrangement
Start: by arrangement
Duration: 6 weeks
registration/appointment any time on appointment, Room 05.012, Biology II/III
Credits: PA,TZ (Nebenfach Bioinformatik, Wahlpflichtfach Bio (Physik),SFB505)

By arrangement with one of the Research Groups participating in the Graduate Program "Neurobiology and Biophysics", the student carries out a short supervised research project (6 weeks full time), which is embedded in the ongoing research program of the Laboratory. The project is completed with a written report and a short oral presentation. Prior participation in the Lecture Program "Neurobiology and Biophysics" is expected.


For an electrophysiological project, participation in one of the following courses is required in addition to the lecture:

Neurophysiology I (WS)
Neurophysiology II (SS)

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